F6080 Field Calibration Unit

Ensure accuracy of the F6150 with regular calibration checks

The F6080 Field Calibration Unit is the most effective way to keep your F6150 protection test instrument properly calibrated and increase your confidence in the accuracy of your testing. With the F6080, you can verify the calibration of F6150 current and voltage sources in the field without sending the F6150 to the calibration lab or the Doble service center. This saves you time and money by improving the productivity of testing crews.

The F6080 comes with software that provides step-by-step instructions for calibration. It performs automatic recalibrations of the voltage and current sources for all ranges. It also checks and calibrates the logic inputs and outputs.

The F6080 is supplied with a one-year calibration certificate from Doble, traceable to NIST. Doble can recertify the F6080 unit every year.

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly front panel has clearly marked connections for the F6150.
  • Sturdy, portable housing protects the unit in the field.
  • Step-by-step test procedure ensures quick calibration of the F6150.
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