F6TesT Software

The ultimate software for automated testing of individual relays and complete protection schemes

Designed to take advantage of the power and versatility of the F6000 series of power system simulators, F6TesT gives you automatic control of the instrument from a standard PC. F6TesT makes testing impedance, differential, voltage, current, and frequency relays simpler than ever before. Even complex protection schemes are easy to test with F6TesT’s graphical interface and preconfigured test templates (macros).

The highly automated approach of F6TesT reduces user intervention and manual errors, improving the accuracy and repeatability of your tests. This results in more reliable protection system performance. In addition, F6TesT contains a powerful database, with reporting capabilities that give you better control and management of your commissioning and maintenance programs. With F6TesT, you have the ease of use and power you need to gain higher productivity and improve the quality of your protection maintenance program.

Relay Reference Characteristics

Accurate testing of protective relays and evaluation of test results requires correct reference or expected values. F6TesT employs reference characteristics to automatically calculate test quantities such as current, voltage, impedance, frequency, phase angle, and time. In addition, reference graphs provides a visual aid during test preparation, testing, and viewing test results.

Overcurrent, voltage, and frequency relay characteristics are modeled using equations and lookup tables; differential relay characteristics use lookup tables. This allows modeling of numerical relay characteristics based on IEC or IEEE standard equations. Nonstandard equations that are specific to manufacturers and relays are modeled as easily as standard ones. Electromechanical characteristics that do not have a suitable equation are modeled using lookup tables, which allows importing data from Excel and .csv files as well as copying and pasting from any table. After creating a new characteristic, you can view it graphically and compare it with existing curves.

Database of Test Results

F6TesT includes a powerful database system that allows you to store historical test parameters and results. You can easily report all your relay settings, characteristics, test methods, and test result history. You can also create a new database based on any existing F6TesT database. This allows you to create a standard database that contains relays you normally use and allows you to customize your test plans.

Ready-to-Use Report Templates

F6TesT makes report creation as easy as clicking a mouse with a variety of ready-to-use templates you can use to preview, print, or export test results. You can easily customize reports to include required information, including relay data, graphs, test configurations, and test results, by checking the appropriate boxes. You can also add your company's name and logo to the report template.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated calculation of complex quantities and limited manual intervention improve accuracy.
  • Autorun allows a series of test modules to run nonstop, reducing test time and generating consistent results.
  • Historical database allows you to evaluate and improve test procedures.
  • Preconfigured modules enable quick startup, standardized test practices, and higher test productivity.
  • Modules include Ramp, VpHzRamp, State Simulation, I-Char, V-Char, Diff-Char, Z-Char, and Z-Time.
  • Phasor diagram displays the actual prefault and fault voltages and currents in both graphical and tabular form for each test point – before, during, and after testing. All test modules have some form of phasor diagram.
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