Dielectric Oil Tester

The ultra light BA series Breakdown Analyzers by b2hv are superlative in their specification and ideally suited for both laboratory and on-site transformer oil testing.

Via straightforward operation, the flash over voltage of dielectric oils can be determined by taking an oil sample from a transformer or switchgear and carrying out the fully automatic oil breakdown test.

The test result enables plant operators to evaluate the condition of the insulating oil, allowing them to assess on the need for substitution of the oil.

The automatically generated test reports are provided in pdf-format and are stored on a USB stick.

Transformer oil testing with the BA series Due to the ultra fast voltage switch-off at flash over (< 5 μs!), non-destructive transformer oil testing of synthetic oil, ester oil and silicone oilis possible!


Various predefined and fully automatic test sequences meet all relevant international standards, thus the models of the BA series fulfill all legal requirements of the mandatory transformer oil test.