FLIR Si2-LD Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera


Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera for Pressurized Leak Detection and Mechanical Fault Detection

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The FLIR Si2-LD acoustic imaging camera enables you to detect and reduce leaks in facilities, thereby cutting costs associated with compressed air and specialty gas leaks. Beyond these capabilities, it also identifies mechanical faults, such as bearing issues, facilitating preventative maintenance to avoid downtime. The Si2 series delivers unparalleled performance, enhances decision support, simplifies fleet management, and integrates seamlessly with enterprise data, setting a new standard in its class.

  • ADVANCED LEAK DETECTION  Whether it’s a small hiss or a hard-to-find leak, this camera can identify and quantify compressed air and specific gas leaks from up to 200 m (656 ft) away, making it indispensable for ensuring operational efficiency and safety.
  • BEARING FAULT ANALYSIS  Save on costly repairs, reduce downtime, and enhance maintenance efficiency by identifying bearing defects before they cause equipment failure.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONALITY  Ensure optimal use and maintenance of equipment in large-scale industrial settings with fleet management, cloud data integration, and OTA software updates. Combine acoustic and thermal imaging in the same report.

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