FLIR Si2-PD Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera

FLIR Si2-PD replaces our NL PD camera

Acoustic imaging camera for fast and easy PD-capturing in high voltage facilities.

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The FLIR Si2-PD acoustic imaging camera helps you reduce maintenance costs for electrical equipment by offering an effective solution for partial discharge (PD) detection and response. This camera detects, locates, classifies, and assesses PD faults from up to 200 m (656 ft) away, identifying PD issues 30 times smaller than previously possible. It provides on-camera and software-based severity assessments, giving you the decision support needed for precise maintenance decisions. (This product replaces our NL PD camera)

  • ADVANCED PARTIAL DISCHARGE DETECTION  Identify PD issues from up to 200 m (656 ft) away and 30 times smaller than those detectable by previous generations, it is indispensable for ensuring operational efficiency and safety.
  • COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS TOOLS  Detailed analysis tools including in-device categorization of discharge type, severity, and recommended actions – aiding in swift decision-making and appropriate response planning.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONALITY  Ensure optimal use and maintenance of equipment in large-scale industrial settings with fleet management, cloud data integration, and OTA software updates. Combine acoustic and thermal imaging in the same report.


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