VLF Tester HVA45TD – b2

Another innovative VLF product of b2 electronics GmbH.

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b2 electronics HVA45TD is an ultra-compact and lightweight VLF Test set with integrated Tan Delta (TD) Diagnostics, in a rugged trolley for easy transport. HVA45TD offers outstanding features in terms of size, weight, safety and ease of use. It performs VLF and DC testing, sheath testing, sheath fault location mode and leakage current correction. Assessments of cable condition can be carried out by the use of Tan Delta Diagnostics.

further features

  • Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
  • Output current 60 mA max.
  • Cable Testing According IEEE400
  • Internal Tan Delta measurement with high accuracy (1×10-4)
  • Tan Delta measurement with various frequencies (0.01. -0.1 Hz)
  • Highest test capacity of 10 μF
  • Large Colour display (4.3″)
  • Programmable test sequences
  • Integrated 12 kV transient protection (50 Hz)
  • Dual Discharge Device (DDD®) two integrated and automatic discharge devices
  • Easily exchangeable HV cable
  • Intuitive menu operation
  • Sheath Fault Locating (in combination with Earth Fault Location)
  • Vacuum Bottle Test
  • Insulation Testing