Nortech EasyGrid – MC-00240

The Nortech EasyGrid is the perfect complement to your Smart Grid. The fiber optic signal conditioner is designed for direct, accurate and real-time temperature monitoring to manage and maximize your transformer performance.

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Nortech EasyGrid MC-00240

The EasyGrid MC-00240 provides critical information about the level of thermal stress and the management of the life cycle of any transformer or reactor. From an EHV/UHV, HVDC to a distribution transformer the cost-effective EasyGrid will meet the highest requirements. A large 7″ (800 x 480) Color Touch Screen LCD Display allows you to monitor and configure up to 18 channels and 16 form-C programmable relays.

The graphical user interface makes easygrid mc-00240 easy to customize to your needs. The Nortech Client software allows full configuration and complete monitoring of your system. View all data logging information live on your PC without stopping the acquisition or downloading of any file. For over 20 years, FISO has been the leader in the Fiber-Optic White-Light Technology.

The EasyGrid is using the temperature-dependent bandgap shift of the GaAs crystal to provide a fast and accurate measurement. Inherent to the technology, the system will not drift nor require any recalibration and the monitor Auto-Correct feature continuously compensates for internal temperature effects. Furthermore, the internal monitor temperature data logging allows tracking of your control equipment during extreme environmental conditions.