The brand ”DV Power” is owned by IBEKO Power AB with their headquarter in Stockholm (Sweden), has since 2000 developed radically light and ingenious test solutions for transformers, circuit breakers, and batteries. The company was founded by a group of engineers with deep knowledge and experience in the power electronics technology area. Today our DV Power products are sold all over the world – in over 90 countries – and we are still focusing on extensive research and development.

TestNordic’s first partner was DV Power. The innovation power of DV Power is outstanding they are improving the function of the instrument and constantly developing new one’s. 

SONEL S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for power generation and telecommunications sectors.
SONEL was established in June 1994. The company’s founders were electrical engineers – people with a good knowledge of the market needs for specialized test equipment.

TestNordic sells all Sonels instrument and so far we have only had one broken instrument, we are very impressed with the quality of Sonels instrument.

MBW Calibration is recognized internationally as a developer and supplier of high quality chilled mirror dew point hygrometers used in a variety of humidity calibration, measurement and gas quality applications.

Most notably, their instruments provide the calibration traceability for many laboratories such as humidity instrument manufacturers and National Metrology Institutes.

MBW dew point mirrors continue to be chosen as transfer standards for inter-laboratory comparisons both regionally and internationally. With recent requirements for higher performance humidity measurement in the meteorological industry, MBW are increasingly the preferred supplier for low uncertainty measurement and calibration systems to National Meteorological and Hydrological Service organisations.

Further MBW was the first to develop SF6 Analysers and still make the best and most reliable and accurate SF6 analysers in the world.

b2 electronic GmbH with its business division b2 High-Voltage is an internationally operating company, which develops, manufactures and distributes practically oriented high voltage equipment for simple cable testing, cable diagnostics and onsite oil testing. Several decades of development experience in the field of test engineering, a profound understanding of the needs of energy suppliers and the will for improvement, equip the company with the skills required for lasting success.

Systems by b2 are benchmark worldwide for innovation, low weight, compact dimensions and usability and prove themselves with energy suppliers all over the world. b2 is in a constant dialog with its customers, collects their suggestions and needs, matches them to b2 visions and develops new product ideas out of that.

By an active, certified quality management along the entire business process, b2 ensures also in the implementation of its ideas a maximum of customer satisfaction.

b2 was TestNordics second partner, the instrument are intuitve and lightweight. b2 is the leader in the world of cable diagnostics for offline testing, including VLF, Tan Delta and PD measurement.