973 Dew Point Mirror

The 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable instrument equipped with an integral measuring head for both spot and continuous measurement of dew/frost point in air and other gases. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 973 provides fundamental, drift free and precise humidity measurement.  For many applications it is a transfer standard.

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The 973 Dew Point Mirror also measures pressure and temperature with high accuracy and includes features that enable alternative humidity parameters such as RH, ppmv, vapor pressure and absolute humidity. Unique features enable fast response in spot-check applications and users can self-check instrument calibration stability using the integrated Ice-Test function. All versions of the 973 are supplied a tough transport case that protects this valuable instrument when moving around the site or when shipped for calibration.


  • Fundamental drift-free humidity measurement
  • Integral frost/dew point measuring head
  • Internal sample pump
  • Optimal Response Injection System for fast spot checks
  • Pressures up to 20 bar
  • Intuitive, easy to use LCD touch screen user interface
  • High accuracy temperature measurement
  • Transport case as standard
Key Specifications

  • Frost/dew point range: -76 to 20 ̊C
  • Temperature: -50 to 100 ̊C
Typical Applications

  • On-site calibration of dew point sensors
  • Heat treatment
  • Checking breathing gas quality
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Compressed air systems
  • Standards laboratories
  • Validation of production and storage conditions
  • Dryer performance tests