Battery Monitoring System MB100

Battery Monitoring System MB100.

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DV Power’s Battery Monitoring System MB100 is a battery monitoring system designed for 24/7 monitoring of stationary battery systems.

The system consists of a wall-mounted control unit and modules which are mounted on the battery cells. Depending on the type of modules used, the connection is 1 module per one cell or 1 module per 4 cells.

Two parallel battery strings can be monitored at the same time. Real time data can be viewed on the 10′ monitor on the control unit. The Battery Monitoring System enables the user to download the measured data to a PC using the provided software application. The downloaded data can be saved  in a database.

The settings for each monitoring session can be set up using either the display on the control unit or using the PC software. The user can enter alarm values for each of the measured parameters. If any of the measurements exceed the limits values the user wil be notified via email which they have entered in the settings.

MB100 can measure the following parameters:

  • String voltage
  • String current
  • Cell voltage
  • Cell current
  • Cell temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Intercell connection voltage – when using CVM modules