Polish manufacturer of measuring instruments introduces the new high level cameras with many usable features, matched with a wide variety of IR lenses.

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Professional thermal imaging with Sonel KT-650

The camera is based on an IR matrix with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, which allows it to capture high quality, fully radiometric IR images. The Sonel KT-650 model combines high quality measurement parameters with innovative and intuitive interface software based on a new operating system. Operation of the camera via a large and movable touch screen display is very comfortable and, together with the swivelling body part, allows the camera to be used in places where a non-standard grip is required. Working in strong outdoor lighting is not a problem thanks to the additional viewfinder. In addition to IR, visual and PIP modes, the camera has a new image blending mode – overlaying the visible image contours with the IR image. The user has the option of recording static images or recording a video. A number of software tools are available to analyse the image already at camera level – also in live image mode. Each of the saved IR photos can be further described with a text note and audio and graphic notes can be added. With its built-in GPS receiver and compass, the camera automatically records the location where the photos were taken. Creating a report on the job site is possible with the built-in reports module – along with the possibility of exporting to PDF. The camera can be connected to external devices – wired (LAN, USB, HDMI) and wireless (Wi-Fi).

User friendly operation

The user-friendly design, light weight, and intuitive handling make Sonel thermal cameras a pleasure to use. Experienced or new users needing a professional diagnostic tool will find the menus easy to navigate via the touchscreen. Both the touchscreen and the lens swivel independently to view objects of interest that are difficult to access from any angle.

Key features

  • Removable Li-ion battery with 4 hour working time
  • 5’’ large rotating touchscreen with no image cropping
  • High brightness display gives detailed information in high ambient light or outdoors
  • Save IR images and videos (to SD card or directly to a PC)
  • Built-in Report module for complete thermal analysis in the camera
  • View images as: IR, visual, “picture in picture” and MIF mode (combined visual and IR)
  • Add voice and text notes, draw graphical symbols (arrows or circles) on images
  • 5 Mpix visual camera
  • GPS, digital compass, LED flashlight and laser pointer
  • Micro USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini USB and SD slot for data transfer
  • ThermoAnalyze2 Software for PC


Index: WMGBKT650V25