Multimeter CMM-40

CMM-40 Industrial Multimeter

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Most useful for industrial and service work

Sonel CMM-40 is an instrument with extended measuring capabilities designed for industrial, service and other works. It is used for measuring voltage and current (DC and AC TRUE RMS), capacitance, frequency, duty cycle (power cycle), continuity of connections, resistance and temperature, among other things. Additional functions such as automatic or manual range change, HOLD function, peak hold function and REL function further expand the possibilities of this device.

With its clever ergonomic design and neat dimensions, the CMM-40 is extremely convenient to use and works well even in hard-to-reach places. The easy-to-read backlit display allows you to read the result even in low light. The compact and cost-effective device offers a wide range of measurement capabilities, making it an essential tool for specialists in the field of electrical engineering and sanitary engineering. The Sonel CMM-40 is an instrument which combines a wide range of functions with ease of use and a favourable price, so it can be successfully recommended even to beginners.

12 measuring functions

  • DC and AC (TRUE RMS) voltage
  • DC and AC (True RMS) current
  • resistance
  • frequency
  • duty cycle
  • capacitance
  • current loop 4-20 mA
  • continuity
  • diode test
  • temperature

Special features

  • MAX and MIN function for saving extreme values
  • AC+DC function for reading the sum of an alternating and direct component
  • REL mode for relative measurement to a stored reference value
  • PEAK Hold for displaying the peak value of the measured parameter

Application areas

  • best option for professional and industrial electricians thanks to the robust design and safety on the CAT IV 600 V level
  • dirty and dusty evironment will not be an obstacle thanks to ingress protection on IP67 level
  • HVACR specialist and utility technicians they will be grateful for the help the device gives them

Basic features:

  • Counting: 40.000
  • HOLD
  • Manual / automatic range selection
  • Relative measurement
  • MAX / MIN measurement
  • Beeper
  • Diode test

Advanced features:

  • TRMS measurement
  • AC+DC measurement
  • PEAK HOLD function
  • Device memory
  • Limit LOW / HIGH

Other features:

  • Easy access to A / mA fuses
  • Auto-off
  • Empty battery indicationi
  • Beeper
  • Display:
    • Type: segment with backlit, 4 ¾ digits


Measurement functions Range Resolution Accuracy
AC / DC voltage up to 1000 V from 0.01 V from ±(1.0% m.v. + 30 digits) for AC from ±(0.06% m.v. + 4 digits) for DC
AC / DC current up to 10.00 A from 0.1 μA ±(1% m.v. + 3 digits) for AC, ±(1.5% m.v. + 30 digits) for DC
Resistance up to 40.00 MΩ from 0.01 Ω from ±(0.3% m.v. + 4 digits)
Frequency up to 100.00 MHz from 0.001 Hz from ±(0.1% m.v. + 1 digit)
Capacitance up to 40.000 mF from 0.001 nF from ±(3.5% m.v. + 10 digits)
Temperature -50.0…+1200.0°C
±(1% m.v. + 2.5°C)
±(1% m.v. + 2.5°F)
Duty cycle (%) 0.10…99.00% 0.01% ±(1.2% m.v. + 2 digits)
Current loop 4-20 mA -25.00…125.00% 0.01% ±50 digits