RMO-H Series

The RMO-H is battery operated and handheld micro-ohmmeter. It is designed for a variety of applications for contact resistance measurement of non-inductive test objects.


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RMO-H Series Micro Ohmmeter

The typical applications RMO-H Series Micro Ohmmeter are accurate testing of:

  • medium and high-voltage circuit breakers,
  • disconnecting switches,
  • high-current bus bar joints,
  • cable splices,
  • and different high-current links.

Even more, it accurately measures in high-induction filed environments and substations, as well as in factory testing.

Our top-selling RMO-H3 is the first handheld micro-ohmmeter which generates regulated DC current up to 300 A. Also, for lower current rating requirements, RMO-H2 (up to 220 A) or RMO-H1 (up to 100 DC) models can be a great alternative.

Unlike many other handheld micro-ohmmeters available on the market, our instruments have regulated and user-selectable test currents. Therefore, RMO-H series instruments generate an automatically regulated test ramp with stable and ripple-free current during measurement. These revolutionary characteristics in a handheld micro-ohmmeters technology are possible by using sophisticated Li-Po batteries. Consequently, modern battery technology enables you to do multiple measurements, and a full day of testing without recharging the battery.

The handheld design avoids the need for long and heavy test leads since the operator performs measurement during the cable connection process. With these light-weight instruments, it is possible to make tests on Both Sides Grounded testing objects, in an increased safety environment. Finally, these features in combination with a user-friendly interface (1-click to measure) significantly speed-up testing procedure and make it safer.

These instruments store up to 1000 measurements on the internal micro SD card.