Multimeter CMM-60

Industrial Multimeter, Sonel CMM-60

CMM-60 advanced is an industrial multimeter with high precision measurement and safety in industrial conditions.

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Industrial Multimeter, Sonel CMM-60 – powerful tool for diagnostics and troubleshooting in electromechanical equipment, electricity networks and other applications

The Sonel CMM-60 advanced industrial multimeter is an instrument designed for diagnostics of potential problems in the operation of electromechanical equipment, industrial automation, motors or power distribution equipment. This professional tool is characterised by high precision measurement, safety in industrial conditions and convenience in use. With its assistance, it is possible to detect at an early stage potential problems and irregularities that occur in the operation of specific equipment or machines.

Versatile and equipped with numerous functions, the Sonel CMM-60 multimeter is the right choice not only for electricians, but also for service technicians and garages, as well as for representatives of the broadly understood industrial sector. The instrument enables the recording of data collected during testing due to the built-in memory and a special Trend Capture function. It is also possible to transfer data and analyse results using the CMM-60 Multimeter Software.


  • the automatic holding of the measurement result while working with both hands is now possible thanks to the AutoHold function,
  • measurements of the current loop 4-20 mA in analogue circuits controlling temperature, pressure, humidity or flow sensors are possible thanks to the special function that displays the percentage results for the corresponding current values,
  • the meter allows the measurement of very small currents in the range of 500 μA, useful during service works, e.g. in tests of real-time clock support systems or in the maintenance of flame sensors in combustion chambers,
  • thanks to the dedicated “CMM-60 Multimeter Software”, it is possible to transfer results from the meter’s memory to a computer program and analyse these results further,
  • visibility in all conditions and reading at a wide angle are possible thanks to the colour display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a diagonal of 3.5”,
  • operating the meter in thick gloves during industrial measurements will not be a problem thanks to the specially designed rotary switch

Trends function

The possibility of presenting measurement results of the recorder in the graphical form of the trend – the Trend Capture function.

MAX / MIN / AVG functions

Recording of the minimum and maximum values and calculation of the current measurements’ average.


Possibility of quick detection of irregularities by recording up to 10,000 measurement results.

AC + DC function

The possibility of measuring the DC and AC component as the function of voltage measurement.

Bluetooth communication

The possibility of sending measurement results in real time on mobile devices with Android system (Sonel Multimeter Mobile app) and to the computer application CMM-60 Multimeter Software.

Low-pass filter

Accurate voltage measurement while eliminating high-frequency interference generated by the operation of electronic machines and devices.


  • over 14 measurement functions, including AC / DC voltage measurement, AC / DC current measurement, resistance, capacity, temperature, pulse width, fill factor, frequency
  • True RMS for AC voltage and current allows to measure the effective value of distorted waveforms
  • saving the results of fast 1 ms waveforms thanks to the PEAK value measurement function
  • the relative REL measurement function allows, among others, elimination of resistance values of test leads
  • real-time clock that allows adding date and time of a measurement to each sample
  • HELP function to quickly explain the meaning of a given measuring function and buttons
  • protection against water flooding and penetration of dust into the electronic system due to the extremely robust housing with IP67 protection level
  • dedicated lithium-polymer battery allowing for long-term operation of the device
  • a dedicated charger and power supply for charging the battery without removing it included in the set


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