Nortech TPT-62 Temperature Probe

The FISO heavy duty TPT-62 fiber optic temperature sensor is specifically designed for permanent installation in oil-filled transformers. It clearly demonstrates FISO’s experience and leading edge technology in direct winding temperature measurement.

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Offered at no extra cost, the EasyDisk allows quick and secured spacer instrumentation without any
adhesive. It ensures optimal sensor tip positioning on the conductor to allow reliable and accurate temperature measurements.

The EasyDisk provides the best protection during all transformer manufacturing steps including winding compression. The NomexTM EasyDisk also locks the PTFE Spiral-Wraps heating in the spacer to ease optical cable routing.

The TPT-62 double PTFE oil permeable sheathing, with transversal slits, is designed to withstand installation stresses, harsh testing conditions such as kerosene vapour, heat runs and induced vibration during the overall lifetime of the transformer.
The TPT-62 can be used with all Nortech 62.5µm monitors (Sentinel II, EasyGrid, EasyGrid LT). Neither the signal conditioner nor the TPT will require any calibration for the life of the transformer.