POB II Series

International standards, such as IEC 62271-100 define recommended tests for circuit breakers condition assessment.


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Power Supply Unit for Coils and Spring-Charging Motors

Commissioning of circuit breakers consists of several tasks that need to be performed on a circuit breaker in order to verify its performance. The circuit breaker coil tester from POB series is ideal for these kinds of tasks. An important commissioning task is a minimum trip voltage test which ensures that the breaker can operate at the lowest possible voltage levels provided from the battery. The final step is to recharge the motor mechanism using the coil supplier. The POB series instruments are powerful and portable (up to 10,6 kg) devices capable of providing power for fully automatic minimum trip voltage and charging motor-spring. Circuit breaker coil testers are also compatible with all circuit breaker analyzers from different manufacturers.

The POB circuit breaker coil tester is able to perform following features:

  • Supply circuit breaker coils and spring charging motors with up to 40 A
  • Test minimum trip voltage according to IEC 62271-100, IEC 56, ANSI C37.09
  • Power coil test with circuit breaker analyzers from different manufacturers

Unlike many devices on the market, POB series devices supply true RMS, and DC voltage with a very low ripple (<0,5%). The output voltage is controllable with a resolution of 1 V and the output current is not load dependable.