SAT Series


International standards, such as IEC 62271-100 define recommended tests for circuit breakers condition assessment.


SAT Series instruments are used for circuit breaker condition assessment. Coil resistance, minimum trip voltage and mechanism charging time are the tests that are mandatory in order to assess the state of a circuit breaker´s auxiliary circuit. For these kinds of measurements, a coil tester is needed.

SAT40A II Series is a powerful, lightweight (up to 11 kg) device capable of testing coil resistance, minimum trip voltage and mechanism charging time. The typical application covers scenarios when substation battery is not connected or available. The SAT instruments are able to:

  • Supply circuit breaker coils and spring charging motors with up to 40 A
  • Test minimum trip voltage according to IEC 62271-100, IEC 56, ANSI C37.09
  • Measure coil resistance
  • Output 40 A of inrush current for AC motor.

Unlike many devices on the market SAT series instruments have a very low ripple (<0,5%), regulated output voltage and output current that is not load-dependable. Coil testers can even be used as a power source or a temporary battery charger. Output voltages range from 10 – 300 V (DC) and 10 – 250 V (AC).