Power Quality Analyzer PQM-707

Power Quality Analyzer Sonel PQM-707 is an autonomous meter allowing for versatile measurement, analysis, and registration of energy networks parameters DC and 50/60Hz, including the quality of electric energy in accordance with the European standard EN 50160 and the Regulation of the Minister of Economy on detailed conditions of the  electro-energetic system functioning.

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PQM-707 Power Quality Analyzer measures all parameters in the S class of the IEC 61000-4-30 STANDARD guaranteeing the high accuracy of measurements.
The largest in this class of analyzers 7-inch colour touch screen enables intuitive and ergonomic operation. Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery, the analyzer allows for efficient work during the measurement without the necessity of connecting an external AC adapter.

The analyzer is directed to a very wide range of users, with particular reference to the maintenance staff. Due to its mobility and autonomy, any problems occurring in the supply networks can be diagnosed on the spot. High measurement category (CAT IV 600V) makes the analyzer very safe, which provides peace of mind during every day use.
The analyzer can be used in virtually all kinds of networks with rated voltage from 54V to 760V directly, or indirectly via transformers.
Because of that PQM-707 can be used in the field of professional power engineering, maintenance services in industrial plants, as well as among those providing services focused on network analysis.


  • 7″ touch screen – intuitive operating
  • CAT IV 600V – high safety
  • all parameters acc. to class S – high accuracy of measurements
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery – higher mobility
  • removable memory card – recording data with no restrictions

Possible measurements:

  • Measurements according to EN 50160,
  • Voltage L1, L2, L3, N-PE (five inputs),
    – average, minimum, maximum values, range to 760 V, ability to work with voltage transformers,
  • Current L1, L2, L3, N (four inputs),
    – average, minimum, maximum values, measurement current with range to 3 kA (depends on used clamp), ability to work with current transformers,
  • Crest factor for voltage and current,
  • Frequency from 40 Hz to 70 Hz ,
  • Active, reactive, distortion, apparent power, including the type of reactive power (capacitive, inductive),
  • Power recording:
    • Budeanu method,
    • IEEE 1459,
  • Active, reactive, apparent energy,
  • Power factor, cosφ, tgφ,
  • Up to 50th harmonics for voltage and current,
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for voltage and current,
  • Short-term (PST) and long-term (PLT) flicker,
  • Unbalance of voltage and current,
  • Current and voltage events registration including waveforms and RMS graphs half period,
  • Inrush current
  • Calculator of energy tariffs


Parameter Measuring range Max. resolution Accuracy
Alternating voltage (TRMS) 0.0…760.0 V 4 significant digits ±0.5% Unom
Crest Factor Voltage 1.00…10.00 (≤1.65 for 690 V voltage 0.01 ±5%
Crest Factor Current 1.00…10.00 (≤3.6 dla Inom) 0.01 ±5%
Alternating current (TRMS) depending on clamp* 4 significant digits ±0.2% Inom (error does not account for clamp error)
Frequency 40.00…70.00 Hz 0.01 Hz ±0.05 Hz
Active, reactive, apparent and distortion power depending on configuration (transducers, clamps) 4 significant digits depending on configuration (transducers, clamps)
Active, reactive and apparent energy depending on configuration (transducers, clamps) 4 significant digits as power error
cosφ and power factor (PF) 0.00…1.00 0.01 ±0.03
tgφ 0,00…10,00 0.01 depends on error of active and reactive power
Harmonics Voltage DC, 1…50 as for alternating voltage True RMS ±0,15% Unom for m.v. < 3% Unom
±5% m.v. for m.v. ≥ 3% Unom
Harmonics Current DC, 1…50 as for alternating current True RMS ±0.5% Inom for m.v. < 10% Inom
±5% m.v. for m.v. ≥ 10% Inom
THD Voltage and current 0.0..100.0% (relative to RMS value) 0.1% ±5%
Flicker index 0.40…10.00 0.01 ±10%
Unbalance factor Voltage and current 0.0…10.0% 0.1% ±0.15% (absolute error)
Inrush current Current depending on clamp * 0.01% Inom ±4% m.v. for m.v. ≥ 10% Inom
±4% Inom for m.v. < 10% Inom

m.v. – measured value