Power Quality Analyzer PM7500 Rack mounted

Panel Mounted Power Quality and Energy Monitor.Power quality, harmonics, flicker and waveforms substation monitor.

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The PM7500 Power Quality and Energy Monitor, an upgraded replacement of the PM7503, is a panel mounted variant of our top of the range PM7000 Power Quality Analyser. As with the PM7000 and PM7000FLM, as well as recording numerous power quality parameters, the PM7500, with our Enhanced Harmonics upgrade, is able to simultaneously record individual Harmonics to the 100th on 3 Voltage and 3 Current channels, and to the 50th on the remining 2 channels, as well as the Interharmonic and Interharmonic Sub groups to the 100th as required by ENA Recommendation G5/5.

The PM7500 also has Dual Frequency measurement capability, measuring frequency to 0.001Hz resolution on V4 as an independent fast frequency option with an accuracy of 0.002Hz and noise typically less than 0.001 Hz RMS. This fast frequency measurement is being used to fulfil the National Grid Dynamic Containment requirement of providing ongoing, time-synchronised, gapless data packets, over TCP-IP, of the power and high resolution frequency measurements. These values are required hourly by National Grid to ensure the Dynamic Containment provider is capable of responding as per their Dynamic Containment agreement. Read more about our Dynamic Containment offering here.

The PM7500 records events, trends and transients with min/max logging. As standard, it can also record >500 channels simultaneously and has automatic sag/swell monitoring down to single cycle on 32 channels using our unique recording regime Single Cycle Adaptive Store. As well as measuring flicker and other parameters, the standard unit measures and records harmonics up to the 50th order. As explained above, with our Enhanced Harmonics upgrade, the user can record individual current and voltage harmonics, interharmonics and Interharmonic Subgroups to the 100th simultaneously.

The PM7500 has waveform capture at 384 samples/cycle at 50Hz (19.2kHz) and Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth communication. It is also compatible with Nortech iHost and can be rack-mounted if required.