Fault Level Monitor Ranger PM7000 FML

The first ever portable Fault Level Monitor. The PM7000 FLM is the first ever commercially available instrument capable of predicting peak and RMS fault current by observing natural disturbances on the network.

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PM7000 FLM  Portable Fault Level Monitor

Double finalist in the Electrical Industry Innovation Awards 2012, the PM7000 FLM is the first-ever commercially available instrument capable of predicting peak and RMS fault current by observing natural disturbances on the network. As well as predicting the network fault current during normal (live) operation, the PM7000 FLM can also measure the same Power Quality parameters as Outram’s top of the range Power Quality Analyser the PM7000S. See the PM7000 FLM’s key features below.

The PM7000 FLM can be portable or panel mounted and will work up to 275kV predicting the fault current using radial network disturbances of as little as 0.15% (on voltage). The larger the disturbance the greater the confidence in the answer. The Outram FLM will give the peak and RMS Fault Level Result, the confidence weighting and a time stamp as to when the result was generated. The user then chooses which result they use.

There may be occasions when there are no (or only very little) disturbances on the network being measured. Since natural disturbances are used to generate fault values if there are no disturbances on the network then no results can be generated.

Key Features Include:

  • Cat IV 600V Fault Level Monitor
  • Real Time Fault Level results: Recent results generated are given in tabular format along with confidence weighting and time stamp.
  • Composite Fault Level results: Fault Level measured and recorded over a given time resulting in the best quality result of the Fault Level on that section of the network.
  • Fault Level Trend over time: Both peak and RMS fault level predictions mapped over the length of the recording.
  • Bi-colour, status LEDs, externally visible, show recording/memory/voltage/power conditions.
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, USB Flash Drive connectivity.
  • Comes with 4 colour coded Rogowski Coils, no batteries required.
  • Comes with Pronto for Windows software, a highly regarded data recovery and analysis package