VLF tester HVA200 – b2

… another innovative VLF product of b2 electronic GmbH.


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Pure sinusoidal VLF hipot test set with 200 kV!

VLF output voltages of up to 200 kVpeak allow you to perform voltage withstand tests on assets with network voltages as high as 141 kVrms. Our HVA200 system is far more compact and lightweight than any other withstand testing solution providing this voltage level. The test system can optionally be upgraded with a highly sensitive cable diagnostic module to perform PD and TD diagnostics in addition to the withstand test.


Further features

  • Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
  • Output current 140 mA max.
  • Cable Testing According IEEE400
  • Interface: Optical fibre & USB
  • PC software “b2 Suite®” with various control and reporting functions included
  • RMS digital metering of voltage and current.
    Automatic measurement of R and C
  • Automatic load calculation and frequency
    selection (0.01 – 0.1 Hz)
  • Load independent, true symmetrical sinusoidal output over the entire power range
  • Hybrid System


Being far more compact, lighter and lower cost than any other withstand testing solution at this voltage level, the launch of the HVA200 puts the opportunity to bring this level of testing capability in-house into reach for more asset owners and contractors than ever before. As with the rest of the HVA series, the HVA200 may optionally include a module for performing highly sensitive cable diagnostics alongside the withstand test. Our symmetrical, load-independent true sine wave output voltage wave shape makes repeatable Tan Delta (TD) measurements possible, allowing the global health of the cable insulation to be assessed, whilst our user-friendly offline Partial Discharge (PD) mapping module allows minor insulation defects or jointing errors to be detected and located before they lead to premature cable failure.