VLF-tester HVA54-3 – b2

Based on the proven and patented technology of b2 electronic, the HVA54-3 was designed to test extra-long cable lengths.


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VLF testing at 3 μF @ 0,1 Hz @ 36 kVrms Upgradeable for Diagnostics (optional) – Partial Discharge and Tan Delta

The compact design and unmatched high voltage output power to weight ratio of the HVA test sets are second to none in the market, and make the b2 electronic high-voltage generators the lightest in all classes at all voltage levels. b2 electronic patented technology with pure sinusoidal VLF output voltage makes this HVA54-3 the most advanced and powerful high-voltage device for cable testing.


3 μF @ 0,1 Hz @ 36 kV rms

Output voltages:

  • Sinusoidal: 0 – 54 kV peak, 0-38 kV rms
  • DC: ± 0 – 54 kV
  • Squarewave: 54 kV