Heavyweight for thermography, the Sonel 650.1

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  • Heavyweight for thermography, the Sonel 650.1

    Behold the highest class of thermal imagers that offers temperature measurements of substantial accuracy. Robustly designed and constructed, they are ideally suited for:

    • troubleshooting electrical installations, wiring, panels, motors, breakers, transformers, switchgear, and electrical equipment,
    • monitoring the thermal performance of industrial manufacturing processes,
    • identifying overheating of mechanical and electro-mechanical components,
    • inspecting buildings for insulation leaks, energy audits, HVAC/R equipment, water damage, and pests,
    • locating hidden heat sources (of people, animals, objects) in dark or low-light conditions.

    The touchscreen as well as the lens swivel independently to view objects of interest that are difficult to access from any angle. The large number of functions, intuitive handling and excellent ergonomics make the KT-650 imagers perfect for every advanced thermographer.



    • Image files saved in JPG format (complete image data).
    • Recording of IR videos (on SD memory card or computer hard disk).
    • Built-in reports module.
    • MIF image combining mode.
    • Extensive image analysis tools.
    • Built-in camera for capturing images within the visible light spectrum.
    • Built-in: GPS, digital compass, LED flashlight, laser.pointer, laser rangefinder.
    • Interfaces: USB type C, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, micro HDMI, SD memory card slot, Bluetooth.
    • Digital zoom.
    • Interchangeable lenses that do not require calibration by the manufacturer.

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